Soya Beans


Corn Starch

GDL (Glucono Delta-Lactone)

Cold Water



4 tbsp

1 tsp

200 mL


  1. Blend the soya beans in 4 batches, each with 500mL of water

  2. Using a sieve, strain out the blended up beans and place discard in a separate bowl

  3. Repeat for all 4 batches

  4. Split the 'discarded' beans into 3 batches and blend each batch with 500mL of water

  5. Using a sieve, strain out the remaining beans

  6. Now grab your cheese cloth and place it in the sieve over a pot. Pour your soya milk through this cheese cloth approximately 3 times to remove any remaining soya beans

  7. Repeat until no more residue is left in the cheese cloth

  8. Add knotted fresh pandan leaves to the soya milk to make it more aromatic

  9. Bring the soya milk to a boil over low heat and ensure you constant stir to milk to avoid burning it

  10. While the soya milk is coming to a boil, prepare the slurry which consists of GDL, corn Starch and cold water. (note: you may need an assistant to continue stirring the soya milk while you do this). Place it in the fridge while the soya milk finishes boiling

  11. Prepare your thermos (I usually put it on the floor or on a lower bench to allow you to pour from a height more easily)

  12. Once the soya milk has come to a boil i.e. when you see little bubbles on the surface, remove from the heat

  13. Take the slurry from the fridge, ensure it is homogenised. Pour it from a height into the thermos

  14. Take the boiling soya milk and pour it from a height into the thermos to ensure that the slurry mixes well with the soya milk (note: you should do this quickly to ensure that the slurry doesn't settle on the bottom of the thermos pot)

  15. Using a fine mesh sieve, quickly remove the foam and bubbles from the surface and close the lid

  16. Leave the thermos for approximately 4-6 hours to set and then its ready to serve!

  17. Serve hot/warm with either ginger syrup or brown sugar syrup