Serata Hall - Old Street
Boxcar Baker - Marylebone
Boxcar Baker - Marylebone
Boxcar Baker - Marylebone
Boxcar Baker - Marylebone
Hackney Coffee Co - Bethnal Green

- The Working Life -

1) Hackney Coffee Co.

Location: 503 Hackney Rd, London E2 9ED

Pros: There's usually lots of seating whether it be at a table or on a couch, there are plugs too! Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by some natural light and foliage while you grind out some work :D It's quiet enough where you don't need to blast music to concentrate!

Cons: None!

Food/Drink: They do make a great cup of coffee too!

2) Boxcar Baker

Location: 7A Wyndham Pl, Marylebone, London W1H 1PN

Pros: Lots of plugs and also a great place with light and loads of plants, can you tell there's a bit of a pattern ;) 

Cons: Is a bit more bustling because of the central london location, so maybe sit by the window sill!

Food/Drink: They are famous for their pastries, so definitely check them out to go with a glorious cup of coffee to keep you chipping away at your work.

3) Serata Hall

Location: Serata Hall, 207 Old St, London EC1V 9NR

Pros: Lots of light and they offer a coworking space (only come during odd hours on the weekend or during the week days! )

Cons: Weekends are really busy with events and can become quite noisy, so not a place to catch up on work/ side hustle on the weekend.

Food/Drink: They are not great, so would come here more so for the ambiance of working here rather than the food/drink they have to offer.